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"10X"5.5X"3.5 tin

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"10X"5.5X"3.5 tin

Hi All,

My wife is a dedicated sourdough baker and uses regularly a metal tin with the (inner) dimensions specified in the title, The tin is very old and a bit rusty so I'd like to buy her a new one as a present but I can't find one with these specific dimensions anywhere.

It is not rectangular but a bit smaller at the bottom.

Can anyone help?


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Hi Avi,

you seem to be looking for a farmhouse loaf pan for a 4-5lb loaf. I have one of those and it's my absolute favorite. I got mine from a second hand store in perfect condition. Before pandemic they were sold by bakerybits in England, now they are out of stock.

To find it in other stores, check the manufacturer's website:

Similar volume pans (3L), for the breads of the same size (10" x 5" x 4" if you average top and bottom widths), for pieces of dough of the same weight (4-5 lbs) are sold in the US, but the shape is slightly different.

Very similar in shape, size and identical in volume is this one

and this one

Maybe your wife would like one of those, to try something new, but similar. So she doesn't have to change the size of a loaf, could continue working with the same amount of bread dough, only maybe a tiny bit different shape? 


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The information and the parameters you specified are really helpful.