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Advice re Hobart N50 mixer

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Advice re Hobart N50 mixer



I'm an amateur breadmaker, have been baking for a couple of years - every other day just for my family of 3 (or 4 when student eldest child returns from uni) and currently using a kenwood chef.

I covet my mum's Hobart mixer which she has used for 25-30 years but just recently found one on facebook marketplace for £85 without equipment, that the seller says "could do with a new stator"... when enquired, they said "Gearbox is good. I'm guessing stator as it will fire up and turn .but there is a dead spot at certain points like the power is being cut. Then when you rotate it by hand it will power up again then power stops till you rotate it by hand again"

I do a bit of DIY appliance repair, but wanted to check with someone more experienced if this might just be a simple need for motor brushes, or if it sounds like a "walk away unless they accept £50 for it" job?

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Hello Andrew, in a past life, I was involved in the design and manufacture of electric motors. You probably already know this, but a stator is the non-rotating portion, a stack of stamped laminations that are wired. A rotor "rotates" within a stator. There is one simpler possibility. The clue is that it powers up when rotated by hand. That start up power up comes from a capacitor. I would first replace the start up capacitor with one of the same rating, something you can probably do? 
Brushes eventually need replacing. The other possibility is the commutator is worn. If that's the case, finding an exact replacement could be unlikely.
I'm going to bet a small amount that the seller has mis-diagnosed the problem. It's a risk, but this could be a good deal, however I'm squinting hard to understand how it could be the stator's fault. Good luck, it's a roll of the dice.