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Overnight Sourdough Chocolate Cake

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Overnight Sourdough Chocolate Cake

With plenty of ripe sourdough and a love of chocolate I came across this recipe: Without a doubt this is the best chocolate cake I've ever baked and probably eaten. I used two cups of dark brown sugar and a bunt pan. There's no need for frosting or the like. It's a great way to use extra starter.



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That looks great, a wonderful way to use your discard if you have any.  The recipe looks very interesting and is one I’d consider making, I haven’t made a chocolate cake in years.  Thanks for sharing this Frank.


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Looks beautiful. Sourdough discard chocolate cake is also probably my absolute favorite cake, but I typically use this recipe:

I agree it needs no frosting!

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After making this bread I decided to use it as a base for a sourdough banana bread.

I modified the recipe above as follows: only used 1/2 cup of brown sugar; didn't add any milk; used canola oil (only because I didn't have coconut oil); didn't add the optional coffee; added three very ripe mushed up bananas. I added two tablespoons of cocao powder to about half the dough to create a marbled effect (poured separately). I baked it for 45 minutes at 350. After cooled I made some chocolate sauce for the top. Excuse the sideways pic - not sure why that happens sometimes (if you know how to fix this let me know).

It's a good cake and the hack worked. I'd say it needed the chocolate as the cake on it's own is a bit sour. But it has great flavour. If I were to make it without the chocolate I'd bring the brown sugar back up towards 1 cup or slightly more.


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Mariahposa (not verified)

OMG. Stunning. Thank You for sharing this! Bookmarked, screenshotted, and emailed to myself! Wrote it down. Discard chocolate cake coming up. I haven't had a chocolate cake in countless years and I wouldn't unless I had a whole foods ingredients list and I just didn't figure a recipe yet. This posting just rang my bells and the light bulb went on! I am so very excited to make a discard chocolate cake! And I was just reading an article from KA that said using water instead of milk results in stronger, purer chocolate flavor!? This is news to me. I rarely buy milk and I assumed a rich delicious and nutritious chocolate cake was not possible without the dairy. I am most certainly trying this, but without the milk. I don't have a cake pan, only have cast iron, lol, but I don't care, I have a really good feeling about this one. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! Do you know how long I've been craving a chocolate cake? 

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I haven't made this since but enjoyed it! I'm sure you will too!