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Orange Poppy Seed Fruit loaves

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Orange Poppy Seed Fruit loaves

Yesterday  i spent at home under our 5 day corona  lockdown, We had a run of 10 months with no community transfer. But a security guard has caught the virus from returning travellers in supervised Hotel quarantine and been out and about in the community . this triggered  a lockdown and vigorous contact tracing and testing and so far no other cases have emerged fingers crossed. The other Emergency is a large bushfire to the North of the city and already 71 homes have been lost in high temperatures and strong winds.

I did my interpretation of Nero fiddling while Rome was burning, Stayed Home and baked bread.

i chose to make an Orange Poppy Seed Fruit loaf  using freshly squeezed oranges (2) and their zest 




This is the first time i have scored fruit doughs so did a variety of patterns. i originally intended  making a 800g dough but when i had squeezed the orange juice i had to recalculate the recipe to use it all. and ended up with 1773g dough instead and 4 loaves at 443g.


With the fire still raging and lockdown entering its 3rd day i am looking at making another fruit dough this time using Fresh Figs and Fennel seed. I am hoping the fire fighters  and the people in its path stay safe.   


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Mate, they look good.  Love the glazed finish. What's not to like about orange poppy seed anything? 

I have been watching the news about the WA lockdown and fires. Hope it goes well for all. We have a potential issue with some returned travellers spreading the virus between two rooms in lockdown hotel where they say the virus magically floated down the hall to the other room; bull-s*#t.



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You guys are doing well compared to most places in the world having effectively banished the virus each time there is a new infection diagnosed.  Fingers crossed you’ll get this under control quickly as well.  

Derek those loaves look beautiful with their super shiny crust and I bet taste really great.  Believe it or not orange poppyseed isn’t something I’ve had before, lemon poppyseed seems to be more common around here.


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Its Oranges season around here, lemons are in short supply, my local fish and chip shop will swap fish and chips for 30 lemons at the moment. The bun glaze is orange juice and sugar melted an brushed on as soon as they come from the oven.

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and so inviting.  Looks to be a great desert or sweets bread.  Nice combination, and the glaze is am-gl-azing.

It seems like January is fire season in Australia, like California in our Autumn.  What a drag,