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semonlina bread - Community bake

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semonlina bread - Community bake

Hi All, These are a few photos of my first attempt at semolina bread. I used 100% semolina with 20% levain for this bake. 

100% Caputo semolina rimacinata

20% levain

2.2% salt

80% water

Autolyzed flour and water for about 2 hours

A few slap and folds over 2 hours and then coil folds over the next 3 hours. 

total bulk about 5 to 6 hours - varied from 80 to low 70s..overnight final proof in fridge for 14 hours. 

Baked in graniteware for 20 min at 475 and then overcovered at 440 for 17 min or so.