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Bake #1 Hamelman’s 60% Semolina bread

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Bake #1 Hamelman’s 60% Semolina bread

I decided to just go with a 100% hydration dough  levain, more or less following the recipe but modified a little.  The brand of Semolina rimanciata is Caputo - it is hard to find this flour here so very happy to have some, even if it is expensive.

Bread flour 40%

Durum flour 60%

overall hydration 75%

Salt 2%

Toasted sesame seeds 5%

23/1/21 4 pm refresh starter 10+20+30

11 pm start of levain build 30+30+30

24/1/21 7 am build final levain (enough for 3 loaves) 70+150+150 

1:40 pm autolyse  Felt this was a bit dry so added another 10 gm water

2:15 pm Added toasted sesame seeds with the levain, Hand mixed minimally followed by 100 SLAFs, add salt then another 50 SLAFs. I felt there was enough dough development so stopped at this point.

3:15 pm first set of coil folds followed by 2 more sets at 45 minute intervals. Dough was lovely and smooth.

6:45 pm After 2 hour bulk ferment following the final coil fold, tipped dough out and preshaped. 

7:15 pm Final shape. Rolled in damp cloth then in sesame seeds. Dough was very easy to work with, soft but not excessively extensible.  Left dough on bench  for 45 minutes before retarding.  

25/1/21 Baked in DO at 235°C for 15 minutes lid on, 17 minutes lid off.

Happy so far, will post crumb once cut. This is a 600 gm loaf, the rest of the levain used for my next bake - kamut/durum bread. 



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I’m a little confused... is it 70% hydration or 100%?

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but the hydration of levain is 100% rather than Hamelman's usual 125%.  I have amended the words.


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This is a combination I love but I haven’t ever done it it with equal amounts of durum and kamut.  So I made 2 loaves identical except for the white flour component.  I have recently found a supplier of Caputo Classica 00 so wanted ro compare how this bakes up compared to by usual flour. Both loaves 600 gms each.

Bread flour 40%

Kamut flour 30%

Durum flour 30%

Salt 2%

Overall hydration 80% . Prefermented flour is 14.2%

These were mixed etc alongside the 60% Semolina CB bake loaf and used the same levain built for that.

1:55 pm Autolyse usual brand flour - Farmers Mill

2:25 pm add levain, hand mix briefly then 100 SLAFs. add salt and spread over dough with wet hands then do another 100 SLAFs. 

3:15 pm first coil folds followed by 2 more sets at 45 minutes. 

This was then repeated using Caputo flour. I felt Caputo dough was a little less smooth but a little more extensible.

I use large shallow plastic container with lid so that coil folds are easier to do.  2 hours after final coil folds, dough had a few bubbles on top, and looking from underneath lots of smaller ones showing. 

6:50 pm preshape.  Dough was soft and very easy to handle with lots of medium bubbles throughout.

7:20 pm final shaping. Here again Caputo was a little more extensible but lovely to work with.  Retarded overnight.

Baked at 230°C for 15 minutes lid on then 17 minutes lid off.  I felt the Farmers Mill loaf could have had more colour so I upped temperature to 235 °C for Caputo bake.

Caputo loaf

Well it appears that Caputo has the edge, but happy with both. What a joy it is to bake with good flour!

winder what crumb will be like and how the flavour will be



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Both look good enough to eat and enjoy. Is there any significant difference in taste?