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Eberhardt bun molder question

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Eberhardt bun molder question

Hey all,

I picked up this sweet old Eberhardt bun molder. I've just finished putting it back together after a good clean and relube. My question involves the adjustment knob pictured.The knob spins up and down the threaded rod that is numbered 1 to 7. I can see that when set to 1 it molds in large revolutions and set to 7 in very small revolutions but I can't figure out how this applys to my doughs....I assume it has to do with different dough stiffnesses but I'm just shooting in the dark hear. I've looked for a manual but it's a pretty old model(Eberhardt BT30) and I've haven't had much luck. I'd appreciate any info anybody has on this machine.


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I have an old Eberhardt of a slightly different design. My rounding process is controlled by the rounding lever.

From what I read in an old manual I found and from my experience using it, the smaller numbers are for larger quantities of dough, and the larger numbers are for smaller quantities of dough. It makes hardly any difference in the division of the dough, but the rounder works better when I adjust the knob according to the weight of the dough in the way I described.