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CB 50% Granoro Semola Rimacinata / 50% Wallaby Bakers White

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CB 50% Granoro Semola Rimacinata / 50% Wallaby Bakers White

I said i would do a second rendition CB following the Caputo Integrale /. Granoro Semola Rimacinata. (100% Italian Flours).Everything was done almost exactly the same except the use of 50% Wallaby Bakers Flour and the use of Toasted Black Sesame seeds, I was going to reduce the fresh yeast as discussed with Benny  but in the end used 2% again. a better eye was kept on this dough and i elected to use the Sassafras clay baker this time around. The dough was actually final  proofed in the Sassafras but i did line it with baking paper.I also shaped slightly differently as it is my intention to gift half to my cousin who has just come home from hospital following a knee replacement. Cut shot will have to follow later still to warm at time of writing!

Both this and the previous Integrale version were hand mixed on the bench!



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Wow, they look great. I love the shaping and the twist along the top. Very unique. They remind me of Cornish pasties that I love. The black sesame seeds stand out and are attractive.

A great bake.



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Thanks Gavin i thought the black sesame for contrast would work well. We used to make lots of those shaped  loaves at the start of a shift when all the bakers were available for hand shaped loaves before they drifted off to work ovens etc. The twist works well and provides a natural  tear or expansion point No scoring required! 

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Wow Derek, those look so unique and beautiful with that braiding along the top, super nice bake.  Of course I’m partial to black sesame seeds and do they ever enhance the crumb.  Wonderful semolina loaves you’ve baked.  ??


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Thanks Benny i thought you would like those

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The twist on top is a nice touch.

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 The twist becomes extra crunchy too almost grissini bread stick like, i found it easier to slice by turning it onto its side rather than straight down through the twist.

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well done!


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thanks Bread1965 and MT for your comments

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Love the top braid.  Also love ❤️ the added seeds inside.

Happy baking!