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Where does ardent mill source their rye berries

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Where does ardent mill source their rye berries

Apparently ardent mill dark rye flour has 23g of fiber/100g flour. That is crazy because every other brand I have seen has flour at 13-15g fiber / 100g flour. Even whole rye berries reach just 15-6g fiber /100 g flour. Where can I find rye berries in the US that has such a high fiber density?

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Go to or Stan Ginsberg's web site, and read their definition of "dark rye."  It's not the same thing that other millers call "dark rye."  To other millers, "dark rye" is just another name for "whole rye" or 100% extraction rye.

To Ardent/Baystatemilling/NYbakers/Ginsberg, dark rye is not the same as whole grain rye.  

To Ardent/Baystatemilling/NYbakers/Ginsburg, dark rye is rye with some/most of the endosperm removed. Therefore, the bran and germ constitute a higher than normal percentage of what is left.

Why remove some of the endosperm?  Because that's how they make "white rye" or "light rye."  

Ardent's "dark rye" can then be added as a concentrated flavoring to white AP or bread flour.

The benefit is that Ardent makes more money selling it as people-food as opposed to selling it as animal feed.

Here's the relevant page, describing Bay State Milling's dark rye:


Baker's Authority has conflicting information on this producf, wherein the Specifications tab disagrees with the Nutrtition tab.  It appears that their web person used the wrong info on the Specifications tab, because 1.7% ash is the figure for whole rye, and concentrated dark rye should be higher.

Or..., it's possible that Ardent's Dark Rye is actually whole rye, if the Specifications tab is correct, and the web peraon used the wrong Nutrition Info.

Either way, there's a snafu on that web page at Baker's Authority.  I try not to lose sleep over misinformation on the net:


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I'm sorry if that was not clear.  For a better explanation, email or call NyBakers for the low down on "whole grain rye" versus "dark rye".