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Vintage Nacco - Copco dutch oven safe heat tolerance

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Vintage Nacco - Copco dutch oven safe heat tolerance

I have a couple vintage (50-60's) enameled cast iron dutch ovens that I'd like to use for baking bread.

Does anyone know the safe heat tolerance of Nacco-Copco dutch ovens? I don't want to damage my inherited pieces. In looking at a variety of current dutch ovens, some top at 450°F and others at 500°F. 

My recipe instructions: preheat oven & dutch oven 475°F, brush oil on bottom, add cornmeal, then dough. Generally, how long can an empty covered dutch oven stay in an oven safely?

Nacco-Copco dutch ovens

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I have 2 vintage Copcos. No problem baking in them, but the white porcelain insides do tend to darken.

There is no need to pit oil in the bottom, bread doesn’t stick. As far as max temp, I’m not sure, but I have baked at 500F. If concerned, keep it at 450F or less.

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Those are lovely items, and I love the colour.  One thing that I have noticed about baking bread in enamelled cast iron is that the outside of the pot can discolour.  For that reason, I don't use an enamelled cast iron pot that I want to remain looking as nice as it was when I bought it.  These are such beautiful pieces, and if I had them, I think I would find something else to use for baking the bread.  But if you do use them for bread, I hope that you will be pleased with the results.  I'm sorry that I don't know the answer to your question regarding the temperature.