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Pastaline dough roller

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Mechelle Clark

Pastaline dough roller

Does anyone have any experience of using Pastaline dough rollers? Tabletop sheeter single pass. Very little money available but essential for moving on with croissants etc.

Skill level-currently half way through Patisserie SVQ, 10 years baking professionally, specialised in croissants for a year, lamination game strong. Would ideally go and work in an established bakers for a few years but based in Aberdeen so nothing like exists, closest is Fife.


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Check this item out:

I searched “manual sheeter” on Etsy as I remembered seeing this before.

I used a slab roller (used for rolling clay slabs for pottery) before I got a reversible sheeter. It worked out well and they do make table top versions. I also recommend a 3.5” rolling pin as a suitable alternative, especially if you are making only dozens at a time.

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Mike, have you used that sheeter? If so, what do you like and not like about it?

I re-read your post and it seems you haven’t used it.