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Antique Hobart 60 qt tinned bowl

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Antique Hobart 60 qt tinned bowl

Hello everyone, been enjoying reading your discussions for last couple of years, first post with a question...

I recently purchased an antique Hobart S-601/60 quart mixer. A beast, and runs great. Intend to refurbish gears, etc. down the road. For now, I need to find another mixer bowl to replace the current one / or have as back up while current one can be sent to get retinned... Hobart dealer tells me everything for this model is discontinued, so far, no luck finding one on eBay (will keep looking.) Anyone have an alternative site/dealer that might specialize in equipment back from 1950's, preferably in N. America, as I'm located in Montana.

P.S. The arm support span on this machine is 19.75 inches - so the holes on the bowl have to match that span. also the thickness of the metal to lock in the arm should be no thicker than 1/3 inch.

Thanks in advance,



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U-Save Equipment in Holly Michigan can set you up.  Tell Ken his auction guy from Illinois referred you.  He has all sorts of equipment.

There is a place in the south side of Chicago that I have re-tin stuff and they had a whole room of older bowls a few years ago.

They have done pastry knives, proofing bowls and a meat grinder for me.  

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Hi Ken,

Will check out both options asap. Thank you so much!