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Kouign-amann and pizza

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Kouign-amann and pizza

  1. It’s been a long time since I’ve put anything here. Just to try again, here are some pizzas and desserts I’ve been making. Sourdough purism has given way to practicality and flexibility in the Southbay kitchen and sanitarium. Pizzas and buttery layers are just easy and nice with some quick rise. Kouign-amann really isn’t that hard to make and well worth the effort. And we’ve been making pizzas 6 in a night lately. I had a college job at Gumby’s Pizza in State College, PA some years back, and it’s fun to sort of get the assembly line going. Long live your yeasts people!


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You may not post frequently but you are obviously staying on point with your baking.


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Delicious looking pizza and Kouign-amann, I’ve never eaten a Kouign-Amann but they do look good.

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Stuart Borken

You said they are easy to make?  You are one heck of a wonderful baker.  These beauties are exacting to make and if they stay in the oven an extra 2 minutes you get burned sugar with butter.  They taste fabulous.  Yours look perfect.  There are very few bakeries who take the risk of making them because of the perfect timing needed to get them out of the ovens before they get over done.  They are an excuss for eating butter and sugar together and a little puff pastry.  Thanks for posting this gorgeous photo.  stu b

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You are very right about the nature of these things. A dough the size you’d use for a typical bread boule gets two whole sticks of the highest fat butter layered in there. They do go down easy.