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Does anyone have a recommendation for a toaster that will work with slices from a boule? I have an old Dualit, slow as molasses in January, that needs the bread to be switched back to front and top to bottom to get coverage. A Cuisinart with 2 long slots only toasted the bottom of the bread and a Breville toaster oven produced rock hard WHITE rusks after 4-5 cycles. Customer service actually assured me sourdough wasn't meant to get brown!

I don't really want a toaster oven with a big footprint - just a 2 slice long slot toaster that will make evenly browned toast - preferably for less than $100. They used to be everywhere.



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Abe (not verified)

Only if it's over fermented. That's an interesting customer service approach. 

"Our kettle works just fine it's just that type of water is not supposed to get hot"

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I just got the Cuisinart Artisan bread toaster and I am pretty happy with it so far. It makes much better toast than my old cheapy one. It does have a fairly big footprint but seems to do a better job of making toast that is crisp all the way through instead of just singed on the outside.

Besides a lack of added sugar I think moisture level of sourdough seems to inhibit browning. The same loaf that won't brown after slicing will brown nicely three days later.

Finding a really good toaster at a reasonable price might be like pursuing a mythical beast. 

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I tried the Artisan 2 slot toaster. Quality control seems to be poor. The reviews on Amazon are all over the place and the one I got was bad.. I agree that sourdough bread lacks some of the things that facilitate browning but slices from the same loaf that was turning to rusk without browning in the Breville were browning, albeit unevenly, in the Dualit.

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to to brown in a toaster, I used to make a multigrain sandwich loaf and it required the bread to be a few days old before it browned and became crispy  as expected.