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Sourdough and sociality thesis

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Sourdough and sociality thesis

Hello everyone! 

As some may remember, I conducted research in completion of my Honours degree on TFL in mid 2020. I just wanted to pop a message on the forum to thank everyone who welcomed me and helped me so generously, and to all those who make TFL the truly wonderful place that it is. My resulting thesis is finally complete (woohoo!), and if anyone would like to give it a read, please pop me an email on and I would be more than happy to send you a copy!

Keep safe!



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It was an interesting read and a number of your observations made me think. It was also fun trying to place the bakers with their anonymous and arbitrary handles :-)

Your take on our forum was enlightening and Floyd should be proud. He managed to build a community that has lasted for years. Many of us would be lost with TFL.

Please continue to bake bread and share with us when you do.

Thanks Keilidh and Thanks Floyd!

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Keilidh's dissertation must indeed make Floyd proud, Danny.  It also comes as a rather nice birthday present for TFL, which turns "sweet sixteen" tomorrow.

So well done, Keidlidh, and "cheers" to Floyd, who created the platform for the close community of breadmakers that TFL has become ? ?! 

PS - It might be a useful addition to the Handbook or Books sections?

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Mini Oven

your Thesis.  

I propose a toast!  Toast to Floyd, and 16 years of devotion to a rising loaf of a forum!  Prosit!

Keep safe with a good supply of fermentation!


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Cheers to Floyd and a big thanks for starting and maintaining the bread forum which I'm sure is much more work than starting and maintaining a sourdough starter.


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Keilidh, thank you for sharing your thesis. Reading it has been an enjoyable and enlightening experience in itself. I've loved my participation as a member of TFL and now I know why! Congratulations on completing the thesis at such a challenging time. A brilliant piece of work; well done.