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Trouble with the Captcha

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Trouble with the Captcha

I was messaging a young lady who is interested in bread baking and told her about this site and how great it was and also how great you folks who make it all possible are. 

She was looking forward to getting into the site and looking around, but unfortunately the Captcha was presenting problems and she never was able to get in. 

Now I'm no computer expert, but if a moderator or someone connected with this site who knows the ins and outs of how it runs could pm me with their email address, I'll be happy to pass it on to her so that she can make a connection and hopefully correct the problem and become a member of the group. 

Thank you,


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Is the site closed for new people joining?

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Nope, registration is open. The captcha just adds some friction to make it difficult for bots to join.

The captcha uses Recaptcha, which Google provides. There is nothing custom to this site about it, the same script is used on thousands of other sites.

I just signed in on my phone, and got the captcha. It worked fine.

My email is my screen name at, but I'm not I am going to be able to provide much advice other than "try again."

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if you are using a mobile device, it's tricky to see the details in the photos in order to correctly check the ones asked for.

I have to expand ("un pinch") the Captcha photos on my device in order to see things, and sometimes that accidentally checks a square that should not be checked.

Sometimes, like with traffic lights, you are  not supposed to check the squares with only a tiny corner of the traffic light.

The ones with crosswalks are tricky too.

So, depending on how you interpret something, "does the corner of the object count ", or, "does the back side of a traffic light count?" it is easy to fail. 

It's also easy to miss buses in small pictures.

it usually takes me 3 tries to get through it.