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Jumped on the babka train

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Jumped on the babka train

After seeing everyone's delicious bakes, I finally got to make one of my own. I used Maurizo's recipe for the dough, but scaled it ~1.3x to fit a 13" pullman, so 1075g of dough. I used more filling than called for because I love sweets. One end was chocolate filling mixed with nuts, and one end was the chocolate filling with the cacao nibs. In total it was 300g of the chocolate filling, 90g of some extra baklava filling (nuts/sugar/cinnamon), and a handful of cacao nibs. I didn't use all of the simple syrup, so next time I will make half. I rolled it out more thinly than the recipe calls for, and I'm glad I did, so that the filling was better distributed.

Very filling heavy, but I'm pleased with how it turned out, and it's pretty easy. It is very decadent, so I froze part of the loaf for later. I like the additional crunch and flavor of the nuts.

Rolling it up such a long loaf was a bit cumbersome.

And for the baklava, I had a bit of fun trying out different nuts (almond, pistachio, pecan, hazelnut, and walnut). All very tasty. Almond and pecan were the most mild and least interesting tasting. Pistachio, hazelnut, and walnut I would do again.



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Very nice and very decadent looking which is the idea of such a bread no?  I’ll have to make a babka again but no cranberries this time.