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Beer in Bread

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Beer in Bread

So here is a question for you all.  I have seen different beers used in Breads, mostly stouts, as a replacement for the water.  Anyone try a Sour in the levained breads?  I am thinking in the final mix, not the levain itself.  I do not like sour beers myself so wouldn't know what to look for if I wanted to try it.  Any ideas?


The plan is a simple formula:


85% Bread Flour

15% Whole Wheat

70% Beer, instead of the water

2% Salt

25% 100% Hydration Levain

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Mini Oven

Here is a question for you. Please explain, what is a sour beer?

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Liefmans oud bruin is nice.

Specialy in the summer when your sitting outside in the sun.