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MIWE cube:stone oven for micro-bakery

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MIWE cube:stone oven for micro-bakery

Hi All,

I'm looking to expand my current home baking and move towards a more commercial set-up with a community bakery in mind. This is a post about ovens as I'm currently working out the best set-up. I'm aiming to bake between 50-80 loaves per baking day and a mix of mostly 'country' style sourdough loaves and some tin rye's. My initial plan was to move from my home oven to a Rofco B40, but then I found the MIWE cube:stone which I prefer the look of for many reasons but mostly because it's modular. This means I can start with one deck and than add decks as demand grows. It's also got a steam injector, a door for each deck and various other useful functions which the Rofco doesn't have. 


Firstly, has anyone had any experience with these ovens in particular? I'd also be interested to hear from bakers that have used Miwe deck ovens and what they're opinions are on them as a company.

Secondly, The decks are only 13cm heigh, My tallest loaves usually don't rise over 11cm but i was wondering if anyone thinks there could be problems having such little space to play with, i.e. if i wanted to do a tall tin loaf?

Thirdly, does anyone know if these ovens come in single phase? Waiting to hear back from the distributer but if they don't, has anyone had experience using a 3 phase oven through a converter? if so any tips or things i should know?




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Hi! I am also looking at the miwe cube for an artisan micro bakery. Was wondering did you get the cube? Any information I’d love to get, TIA, Lisa

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Did the OP ever get information about whether this model, or indeed any of the other Cube: series comes in a single phase option? Many other manufacturers do offer this for anything up to about 7.2kW (one single-phase 30A circuit) or slightly above but I can't find any information from Miwe. I can pretty easily get one 30A circuit, or even one 40A circuit, single-phase, wired but 3-phase power here is not possible. 

My research has only so far shown that Miwe, like pretty much every other oven, uses 240v elements in a wye configuration and not 400v elements in a delta, so compatibility with a single single-phase high current supply is simple, but does Miwe offer their ovens wired that way.