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Anyone use a Galaxy Planetary Stand Mixer?

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Anyone use a Galaxy Planetary Stand Mixer?

I am looking to buy my first mixer for my microbakery. I currently mix all of my sourdough by hand, but if I could get a mixer that could gently mix bread dough without compromising quality, that would be super!  I also make muffins, scones, cookies, and other whipped items -- so I need a mixer that is not solely for bread dough.

I have a kitchenaid, but I am ready for more!  I am leaning towards the Ankarsrum mixer, but I noticed the Galaxy GMIX10 10 Qt. Commercial Planetary Stand Mixer on the Webstaurant website and I wonder if anyone has any experience with it? It is a little less expensive and the bowl is larger.  You can see it here:

Any feedback would be appreciated!


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The price looks too good to be true.  If you want something trustworthy, consider this: