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Hello! Newbie, here!

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Hello! Newbie, here!

Hello fellow bakers!  I just joined this forum today.  I am a beginner in sourdough baking and very eager to learn the whole process!

My baking story begins like most amateur bakers begin.  When the pandemic hit last spring, I started baking sourdough bread.  My brother in law loves to bake and he gave me part of his sourdough starter during Christmas of 2019.  I too it home and put it in my fridge and basically for got about it.  I took it out one morning and was going to throw it away, but decided to feed it and see what happens.  To my amazement, the starter was alive!  It wasn’t thriving though.  It took about four days to really “wake it up.”  One morning, it was every active and overflowing.  So, I found a recipe and began my journey.  I made over 100 sourdough loaves since then.  My family really enjoys it.  I was baking so much, I gave away loaves to family, friends and neighbors.  The more I baked and practiced, the better I became at it.

Fast forward, I’m still baking!  I’m always reading and searching for ways to improve. Now, I’m at the point where I want to achieve those awesome “blisters” that I’ve seen.  I’m not quite sure how to do it.  What works for you?

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Welcome to TFL!

Lucky you -- this was just discussed:

Be sure to read all the comments.

Dave Cee found a video on how to avoid blisters, so just do the opposite of what that video says.

I also gave a couple links to some of Teresa Greenway's free videos about blisters.


Please report back with yummy photos.

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Thank you very much!