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Oven steam

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Moon mullen

Oven steam

Hi all,

New to site Bob here. Tossing out ideas for loading and steaming an oven for baguettes. While proofing, I preheat with stone and convection to 550. About 15 before proofed put 2-3 cups off water on to boil. Next to sink fill the cavities of a muffin tin with boiling water. After a few minutes soak, dump the water, and fill half full with fresh boiling water. Put it in the oven and give it 5-10 to reheat and steam. Load your wettest dough with a cloth covered hardboard peel from Amazon. 

Remove the muffin tin after 5. I open the door long enough to let the steam out. I turn the heat down to finish baking. 

Let me know if you like it.