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Whole-Spelt Buttermilk Sourdough using Rye Sour

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Whole-Spelt Buttermilk Sourdough using Rye Sour

This week I followed David and baked this beautiful bread. It uses buttermilk in place of water other than for the levain. I made the levain two days before using it. This bread has a super soft crumb and notwithstanding the dark colour (from the buttermilk) the crust is delicate. The tang from the rye sour, buttermilk and long ferment make this (for me) an instant classic. It's truly a beautiful bread and worth trying. I followed the recipe found here:  Thank you David!





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I'm glad (but not surprised) you enjoy it. It is indeed a keeper.

Happy baking!


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Gorgeous Frank, it sounds like one to add to the list to bake soon.  Happy New Year.