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Can komo mio grind fine flour in one pass?

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Can komo mio grind fine flour in one pass?

I have had a Nutrimill for years but am looking for a second mill because I'm tired of having to clean it out to do gluten free, I still love wheat and bake a lot of sourdough, but husband needs gluten free, severe allergy.  I'm interested in the Komo mio mainly because it would have the option of the additional gluten free stones if I decide it is less hassle than the Nutrimill, which works great but is a pain to clean.

Some of the reviews I've read talk about grinding the flour twice, which will just be another pain if this is true.  Also, most of the reviews I can find are for the other komo mills. 

So...I'm looking to find someone who actually has the komo mio and uses it for bread flour.  Do you really need to grind it twice, in which case I'll probably go for the mockmill then. 

Also, does it grind coarse enough to do cracked grains?

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I just ordered the KoMo Mio. I also ordered the Sieve Attachment/Adapter. I believe that both the KoMo Mio and the Mockmill are very similar in what they can do. But bread flour does require some sieving, since a bit of bran and germ is removed from the whole wheat to get bread flour. So going for the mockmill won't solve your problem there.

The advantage of the KoMo Mio with the sieve adapter is that the process for making a flour similar to bread flour is easier, although it will require to mill twice, being the second time milling done by using the sieve adapter. 

With the Mockmill, you simply don't have a sieve attachment, which is what prevented me to buy it in the first place.