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Hobart N50 gear noise

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Hobart N50 gear noise

Hi all,

I've picked up what I believe to be a reasonably new Hobart N50 off ebay UK.  It's got a sticker on the bottom (not a plate on the back) and appears to be from around 2014 or so.  It was used in a catering college apparently, very few marks on it, grease on the shifter (after taking the plate off) looks clean.

Seemed to run quietly in all three speeds when cold but after running it for 10 minutes or so the motor area felt 'vaguely warm' (not much more than body temp) and 1st gear has started making a noise.  2nd seems pretty quiet.  3rd seems quiet but the machine sort of throbs every few seconds which you can hopefully hear in the video.  I can feel the 'throb' as a slight vibration towards the motor housing.  There is a dent on the control panel from one of the switch guards being impacted.  No idea if this has affected anything else but the machine looks in great shape externally otherwise.

Wondering if I should just send it back as I have 30 days to return it (reluctant to it was a good deal for a newish Hobart mixer in the UK) or whether some more grease would fix it.

The video of all 3 speeds:

Edit: I tried mixing some dough in it (ie: putting it under load) in 1st speed.  Seems quieter.  Wondering if the planetary needs greasing as it was missing the taper pin when it arrived and there wasn't a lot of grease on there:

Edit 2: Maybe I'm talking cobblers about the planetary - thinking it if was that then all 3 speeds would make a noise :|

Edit 3: Took the switch plate off and looked inside - seems to be a strange lack of grease - others report it being 'packed full' - mine certainly isn't.  Tried to take a couple of photos - see

Really hoping it's a 'fire a load of grease in there' job and not a 'send it back' one :|

Many thanks for any thoughts or advice,

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Seems to be running quiet with the dough.

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Yes, I am familiar with this and the problem is not serious. What needs to happen is a tumbler yoke and eccentric shaft adjustment. The grease pictures are not clear but look pretty normal to me.

You can check out my experience with it here - look under the heading "reliability".


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Hello Nermal,

                   I had the same problem with my N-50. When we first got it we were told it was refurbished and gone through but after using it a couple months we started hearing the same noise. Through the help on this sites and other sites, I was able to get enough information, find what I needed and take it apart. Before I worked on out N-50 it would quiet down like yours when loaded up and mixing. I suspected old grease or a lack of it. Here is the thread dealing with that work.

As you can see, the grease was hard and in terrible shape. According to the parts list, I needed to use Part number -   00-937751-00001, Description -LUBRICANT/CONTAINER ASSY ( 8 oz. ) . Hobart Service said 20 oz was needed so 2 1/2  - 8 oz cans of this lube was required. It looks like the grease Hobart supplies is LPS Thermoplex Foodlube. The mizer has been quiet since I did this service on it

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Does anyone have any videos or pictures performing the eccentric shaft adjustment and tumbler yoke stop adjustment?