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Baking with Fresh-Milled Grains > Live with Pablo Giet!

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G. Marie

Baking with Fresh-Milled Grains > Live with Pablo Giet!

Just received an email about this from Central Milling. I don't see it posted on their website so hopefully all the info will copy over.  



The Central Milling Company

Fresh-Milled Whole Grains

Set an alert for this Thursday @ 11am PST!

Join us on Instagram LIVE* as Nicky Giusto welcomes Pablo Giet for a discussion about the benefits and challenges of baking with fresh-milled grains (using a Mockmill countertop grain mill), at-home and in small production environments.


We have something special up our sleeves for those of you who are interested in milling your own grain, but you'll have to tune in to find out what it is  :-)

Whole-Grain Stollen

Pablo will also share some of his favorite traditional German holiday bread recipes, including Whole-Grain Stollen, made with 100% fresh-milled Spelt Berries…

See you Thursday morning on the 'gram!

*If you're unfamiliar with Instagram Live, here are some quick instructions on how to view the event:

1.Log in to Instagram on your desktop or mobile device.

2.If you're already following us, our profile (logo) icon will appear at the top of your home/feed, with a colorful ring around it and the word "Live." Tap/click on it to view the live video.

If you're NOT already following us, search for "centralmilling", select our account from the results and then tap/click on our profile (logo) icon to view the live video.

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G. Marie

No pics but all the info is there!

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Thanks so much for the alert to Central Milling's Fresh-Milled Whole Grains instragram Live event on Thursday @ 11am PST. Will definitely be there.