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Joining the community

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Joining the community

Hello fellow bakers,

After having suddenly been deemed a full-time work from home employee, I decided to scratch the sourdough baking itch I picked up from a family member a number of years ago.  To be sure I cheated in that I purchased a starter instead of getting my own going, but in my defense, I wanted to get up and running as quickly as possible.  The good news here is the starter purports to date back to the 1800s and was billed as being nice and sour; needless to say I cannot vouch for the linage of my starter, but I can say it very much has that San Francisco sourdough taste.

I started baking in April of this year and my initial efforts produced results which were suitable for weighing down a trashcan liner as I slid it into a trash can.  Since then I've experimented with making all roll-milled wheat, all stone ground wheat, all Einkorn, all stone ground dark rye, and combinations of pretty much all of the above.  Given I have a number of family and friends with varying levels of gluten intolerance, I typically concentrate on either a dark rye or an Einkorn base for my breads.

Unsaid in all of this is, while I have concentrated on taste and consistency, I have completely neglected the artful look many folks achieve by using proofing baskets; my breads, are not much to look at, but sure are a joy to eat.

I'm looking forward learning from y'all as my sourdough journey continues.

Regards, 'shoez

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This is an example of a loaf made with 100% Einkorn flour:

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Welcome and glad you joined in. Please post your bakes, good, bad, or ugly. We've all baked our share of each :<)

If rye bread interest you, we are currently hosting an active Community Bake focused on Rye Bread. Check it out HERE.

We're here to help and at the same time learn. 

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Welcome to TFL, I’ll join Dan in inviting you to join in on the fun of a Community Bake where we all bake a type of bread and learn from each other.  It is not a competition, no it is not the Great British Bake Off, but it is a group baking learning experience.


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Thanks for the kind welcome!

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Bread is love in any shape,form or ingredient list, in my book, so welcome! Bread deliciousness can be made with ingredients other than wheat so don't be shy in posting. I look forward to seeing posts from you.

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And a warm welcome from Australia too your posts reach far and wide and pleased to be part of this Community

Kind regards Derek.