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Tiny pans for recipe experimentation

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Tiny pans for recipe experimentation

I bake sandwich bread for toasting and sandwiches. I eat most of it. I enjoy experimenting with recipes but I hate the delay from one loaf to the next necessitated by having to eat it. I get especially sad when a loaf doesn't turn out well and I spend the next week eating it anyway.

I bought a tiny 4x4x4 Pullman pan for these experimental bakes. It is the same width and height as my USA Pan Pullmans though not nearly as high quality. 

It does the job. I baked in it today and found it perfectly functional with baking time similar to my full size pans. The resulting loaf is really cute.

Now I can bake about every 3rd day instead of weekly. 

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That mini loaf is the most perfect looking little thing. Like an oversized dinner roll. I hope it tastes as good as it looks.

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Tastes great. I underbaked it a bit because I was afraid the tiny pan would bake quicker than my heavier large one but the timing is about the same. I'll leave the next loaf for the full time. 

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I have been known to shop the canned good aisles for properly sized cans that are not coated inside for mini-loaves. However, they are always round. I have found some water chestnut cans to be good. Hard to find without the inside coating,tho.

How much flour goes into that mini-loaf?

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I used 220 grams in that loaf and it seems about right. I just scaled down from the loaves I make in my 9 inch Pullman. Of course, you'd use less if you wanted to make a little cube using the lid but I never use the lid on my larger pans. 

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I bought one, too!

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Great idea, for those of those suffering from the same malady...