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Sourdough Bread and * Bon Jovi??

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Sourdough Bread and * Bon Jovi??

 Well, it's been almost 6 months since my last post...this pandemic thing has been occupying lots of time and energy, so much so there's little left at the end of the day for even simple, everyday things like baking bread.  I am trying to stay optimistic as things continue to unfold but admit to being more discouraged than encouraged these past few days what with the growing social unrest, ongoing disruption of the way things used to be, ever increasing pressure on front line/first responders and economic/financial hardships all around. It seems things are falling further and further out of balance, natural harmony and synchrony giving way to chaos, feels like we are all on a very narrow edge right now.   

We are under a new temporary social lockdown here with mandatory face masks now for all indoor spaces, strict social distancing rules. People are being encouraged/advised to stay home, minimize unnecessary travel. So these are my lockdown breads for this week, two for the neighbours and one for us...amazing what all ingredients can be found stashed away in various cupboards if one is sufficiently motivated to find them again - "motivated" as in not wanting to go out for more! These loaves were made with sifted organic Red Fife and organic all purpose flours; some toasted millet, sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seeds; a bit of hemp hearts, cracked flax and chia; and cold rolled organic oats. Cold proofed overnight and baked in covered cast iron pots. The scoring on the "Yin/Yang" loaf came to me in a moment of optimism, sort of a bread graffiti - daring to carve out a symbol  of balance in a time of chaos.The other two were scored same old, same old...maybe that too comes from an optimism there will be a return to a more predictable everyday life. And yeah, maybe it's no big deal in the scheme of things, just bread, a little thing...but keep doing the little things, do what you can, be safe, be well.

* "When you can't do what you do, you do what you can"  ~ Jon Bon Jovi