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Honey Oat Hearth Bread Loaf

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Honey Oat Hearth Bread Loaf

Greetings. I wanted a larger pan for baking bigger quantities of dough into one loaf. I found the USA Hearth Pan and got it. Then, I found the recipe for the Honey Oat Hearth Loaf. All was well until the directions for baking. The recipe said to preheat oven to 350F, but then a few sentences later, it said to bake at 375F. Big dilemma. I chose 360F for the specified 30 minutes. It was definitely not done per internal temp and by looking at the bottom of the loaf out of the pan. So, back in at 375F for 20 more minutes. Finally, internal temp up to 199. I took it out, let cool a bit, then took it out of the pan. It sounded hallow. I let it sit overnight. Upon cutting into the loaf today, I thought the lowest 2” of the bottom seemed “doughy,” Once I toasted it, I tasted fine, but still a bit doughy.  Help me! What might I have done differently.  Thanks.

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It sounds like the recipe temp was mis-printed. I always pre-heat at 500 and bake at 450. I use either a dutch oven or a combo cooker. I place a thick pizza stone on a rack one level below the rack for the bread. At that temp most bread is done with 20 minutes covered and between 15-20 minutes uncovered. And of course pre-heat with the dutch oven or combo cooker in the oven before loading the dough.

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I bake all my pan loaves at 350°F on the center rack in my oven. Just leave it in until you get ~200° internal temp. Cover the top with foil if it starts to get too dark.

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I preheat on 480°F end bake on  440°F. 

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Hard to tell without the recipe but you say it is a hearth bread (but the name sounds more like a semi-sweet bread). As a hearth bread, I would think to preheat to  450 F and then turn it down to 375 when you put the loaf in. Lean hearth breads are often baked in a hot oven but preheating hot and turning down is a common direction for whole grain breads. As for the timing, I find most recipes are wrong. Every oven is different.

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He's baking in a PAN, USA Hearth Pan, not in a hearth...