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Hello from India

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Hello from India

Hey all, 

This is Gautam, am from a wee city Meerut in India. A newbie to baking, and been using the recipes/techniques from Ken Forkish and Richard Bertinet with mixed results. so am hopeful to learn from all the people here. 

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Welcome Chunmun! I have a baking friend that lives in Mumbia. He tells me that he has had a difficult time finding good flour. You may have to adjust your hydration (water) a little when following recipes.

Please make sure to post your bakes, so we can follow along and help if needed.


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Thank you Danny, I would definitely be posting some soon. Am currently travelling. In regards to your friend finding the flour, tell him to look at TWF and Josef Marc. 

I myself is using the T65 and Rye from Josef Marc. 

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Namaste, amigo!

What types of bread do you make, loaf or flatbread?

I like to make flatbread when I am in a hurry, and loaf bread when I have time to plan ahead.

I usually make pita bread with yeast, but sometimes chapati style bread with or without yeast.

I usually make (grind) my own flour from American wheat grains, called "hard white spring wheat. The brand I use is "Prairie Gold" from the company/farm "Wheat Montana."

For the best tasting chapati flour I would have to give credit to Sharbati whole wheat from the "Aashirvaad" company in India.  I bought this at a local Indian grocery store.

Sharbati flour, used by itself, is not so good for loaf bread.  But, if mixed with American white bread flour, it can make a good fluffy loaf and still provide some of that excellent taste of Sharbati flour.

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thank you for telling me about the Sharbati flour. will definitely check it out. I am following Ken Forish recipes and currently learning straight doughs in the dutch oven. once that gets better it Poolish and Biga before I go on to Levain ones.