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Broken Emile Henry lid - what now?

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Broken Emile Henry lid - what now?

Hi all. New to website.  I’m a newbie that’s been baking no knead rye bread in an Emile Henry Dutch oven ceramic roaster. Broke the lid.  Rebought it and after only using it twice I burned my finger while lifting lid and dropped it AGAIN!   Disgruntled - I’m wondering if I can get by?  Can I use a tile or aluminum pan as a lid just setting on top?  Should I get a pizza stone and use the roaster itself as a “cover”?  Should I skip this altogether and start using a baking stone of sorts.   I don’t want to but another lid as the cheapest I could find is typically $60. Any ideas?

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have a tile in the oven and use the dutch oven as the cover for the bread.