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Thanksgiving 2020. #GiveThanks

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Thanksgiving 2020. #GiveThanks

I'm very thankful for webmaster FloydM for paying for, setting up, coding, and maintaining this website where people located all over the world can learn, share, and enjoy this bread hobby.

I'm thankful for all the experts, at all levels, who have shared their expertise, even if only by example, so everyone else can learn and improve.  Those people include, but are not limited to: Mini Oven, Seaside Jess, She Gar, Debra Wink, danni3ll3, ifs201, Elsie IU, Yippee, Hanseata, DanAyo, Alfanso, barryvabeach, pmccool, Doc Dough, Our Crumb, albacore, MTloaf, dabrownman, kendalm, deblacksmith, mwilson, Benito, ciabatta, isand66, TopBun, Upside Dan, and others who are not coming to recollection right now.

THANK-YOU and [Salute!] to all ya'll !

Update: Alfanso has an even better idea -- you can contribute to Floyd at the Paypal link in his post:

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Thank you, Dave, and thank you to all the folks who continue to share their knowledge and experiences here.

I hope everyone has a small, safe Thanksgiving this year.

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Thanks to everyone who contributes here, we all learn from each other new and experienced.  This is an incredible place to hang out with other bakers, the camaraderie is incredible.

Thanks to Floyd for setting this place up and keeping it running, we wouldn’t have this place if it wasn’t for you.

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate this month and Happy Baking to everyone else.