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Ankarsrum Assistent: Will it blend / mix meat?

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Ankarsrum Assistent: Will it blend / mix meat?

Hi all, 

I'm new here and specifically made an account for this quesfion

On these forums quite a lot of people seem to have an Ankarsrum Assistent. I'd love it's durability and design, however, I have on question. 


Now my question is:

Does the machine mix minced meat? So I can make hamburgers without getting my hands dirty.  (note, I mean mix, not grind/mince) 

And if so, do you use the steel bowl for it, or the plastic? 



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Not with the base attachments I don't think. It looks like there are meat grinder attachments you could purchase for it though. 

Oh. Reading again. Mix without grinding meat that has already been ground? ... Yeah, I guess so. I've never considered doing that. I would probably try it with the metal bowl first.

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Yeah exactly that: already ground meat that will be mixed with other stuff.

I like to make large batches of hamburger meat with some chopped onions, pepper, salt and several other spices. But also meatloafs 

I'd also think the large bowl with the roller would work well. However dough is sticky and ground meat is fatty, so the real question is whether it really mixes.

Anyone with experience or in for an experiment? 

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the hardback recipe book indicates (frikadeller recipe):  after mincing the meat with the mincer attachment, "the stainless steel bowl, dough roller and dough knife are perfect for blending the meat mixture."

Looking through the paperback manual that came with mine (2016), in the ground meat-related recipes it just says to mix the minced meat with the other ingredients.  It doesn't show any parts used other than the mincer.  The plastic batter bowl and single wire whips do a fine job on cookie dough if I'm not making a huge batch.  But you can't use cold butter (unless grated frozen).  I've never mixed meat in my steel bowl, but used to make large batches of meatloaf in my KitchenAid.  You can call or e-mail Ankarsrum USA for advice.

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Thanks! I'll certainly do. Now we're a few days further, I also found new info. In the Amazon product questions it is also answered that it can mix ground beef. :) 

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Timothy Wilson

There were no problems with mixing minced meat, a pair of nitrile gloves was enough. But making high-quality minced meat is a problem. Either grind with hatchets, or purchase a normal meat grinder, which will not make porridge, but high-quality minced meat. I found this article very informative, in which not only useful tips, but also reviews of popular models of meat grinders. It seems that it is difficult to choose a meat grinder, but in fact it is a very important device if you work a lot with meat and minced meat.

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St. Paul sourdough

I can verify that it works. Used the roller and scraper. Had to move the roller arm in a few times to make sure everything was well mixed but it worked great.