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Various Bakes

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Various Bakes

I've been on a sandwich loaf kick lately since Danny introduced me to the whole grain sandwich loaf through one of the community bakes on this site. I'm not getting enough steam in the oven so the crusts tend to be dull, but I'm fine with it. 

In no particular order:

1. Bagels from The Perfect Loaf but I made them with a good portion whole wheat. I liked these, but Maurizio says to bake the sheet pan on top of cast iron and the bottoms burned well before the tops browned so I wouldn't follow that instruction again. 

2. Baby Ruth

3. Sourdough Bananas Foster enriched bread from Bryan Ford's book New World Sourdough (all my bananas slid off during the bake!)

4. Lots of whole wheat sandwich loaves 





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Very nice loaves and what a lovely baby. She will be well raised on sourdough :)


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Lots of wonderful baking Ilene, but it is all upstaged by the photo of you and Ruth, beautiful daughter you have.


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Lovely bakes. Baby Ruth and mum are hard to beat.


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My loaves are far from perfect, but I'm thrilled to still be able to produce a nutritious and tasty loaf between all the diaper changes. I look forward to feeding Ruth her first piece of sourdough! 

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Anon2 (not verified)

Each one a gem but all of them pale in comparison to the cuteness of mummy and baby. A really lovely photo. And where did you find time to bake all the delicious looking bread? Literally as I came across each bake I thought I'd like to try that. 

More about the loaf in the main photo please. I'm gonna need the recipe. 

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The photo is of the Bananas Foster Sourdough recipe from Bryan Ford's cookbook. It is pretty much a sourdough brioche recipe using 500g bread flour (although I added whole grains) and 5g cinnamon. You then make a filling by cooking brown sugar/butter/cinnamon/vanilla on the stovetop for a few minutes, add a mashed banana and cook for another 2-3 minutes. Then you do the same thing, but instead of adding a mashed banana you add a sliced banana and this becomes the topping for the bread. However, all of my bananas fell off the top while it baked so that didn't work so well for me. If I made it again I'd also make more filling, but that's just personal preference. He uses a high inoculation percentage - 210g of levain for 500g of flour and all of the liquid is whole milk.