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Sourdough Pumpernickel/Rye Bread

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Sourdough Pumpernickel/Rye Bread

My father requested pumpernickel bread for Thanksgiving sandwiches so I found this Breadtopia recipe to try. Of course I didn't really follow the recipe, but I did do 50% KABF and 50% home milled rye flour, the fennel seeds, molasses, and orange rind. I threw in some beer just because I had an open bottle from a previous bake. I'm not happy with how thick the ear is on the Batard - looks like the bread might be a bit underproofed, but I'm sure it will still be flavorful. 


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They both look good Ilene, hopefully you’re happy with the flavor, I’m sure your happy will be pleased with them.


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The ingredients are great affiliates and would make great flavoured bread. Very nice bake.

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It's a great recipe and I've made it a number of times. Your breads look very nice. If you requested "Pumpernickel Brot" in Northern Germany where I'm from you'd be served an entirely different beast altogether, though. (


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Hi Tom,


Yes, very different from what I think of as pumpernickel as well. I'm just starting to bake with rye and need to keep on experimenting.