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Talk about STUPID!

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Talk about STUPID!

Can somebody slap and fold me??

Ever since discovering this place, I've enjoyed reading and learning all sorts of new things and making online friends. I'd spend hours on my little phone reading article after article...

And then I stumbled onto something I never knew existed, The Fresh Loaf Handbook

I was searching about salt and one of the pages was at the top of the list. And it was a part of a larger, most excellent handbook.

I then searched "handbook" to read more about it and somebody mentioned that it was part of the top navigation menu. *i* didn't see it. Where was it?...

I turned the phone sideways... and... a whole new view opened up! Dummy! I should have thought of that before.

Isn't it funny how you think the world that you see is the only world that exists. Kind of like Plato's Allegory of the Cave (which is very cool). I have to try breaking paradigms more often.



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Murph, smack me too!  I've been hanging out here about 3 years and also hadn't seen it.  Just forwarded the link to my brother-in-law who created a levain and started baking bread a few months ago.  


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Kid, don't feel bad... I'm a returning baker. Been away for four years because I worried natural yeast sourdough TO DEATH! I couldn't figure out how to time the slow fermentation and "recipes" into an impossible schedule.

Frustrated, I put it aside when Mrs. Murphy put a commercial instant dry yeast loaf on the table in under an hour... while I was slaving away with a natural yeast sourdough "recipe."


With natural yeast sourdough, you're winging it with an infinitely FLEXIBLE set of guiding principles, techniques, and possibilities. Anything you want to do, you can do... when you want to! Just take notes and change things as needed.

With this d&mned Covid virus, everything slowed down and I could think clearly. On what matters... My wife. Our health. Our lives together.

Relax. The yeast doesn't care. You can't kill it. It has been here before us. It will be here after us. Just harness it as our Lord bid us do.

And bake some d&mned bread. Sourdough style.

Try different things like turning the phone sideways. Try different flours, different ratios, temperatures, timings. Ask questions and don't be shy. It will work. IT ALWAYS DOES!

What took me so long?

Don't think, bake!

With brotherly love,