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Cresci - art of leavened dough

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Cresci - art of leavened dough


 So I have a copy of Cresci - the art of leavened dough for sale. 


 It's in excellent condition, read but not cooked from.  I bought it new several years ago and I'm downsizing my collection. 

 It's a beautiful book.  It's currently in Scotland but I'm happy to ship (insured and at cost) anywhere. 

 I invite serious offers. 
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Ilya Flyamer

Just wanted to say hi from Scotland!

Sounds like it's a very expensive book more aimed at professionals, and I am not ready to spend loads of money, but it looks really beautiful.

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Clay and flour

Hello! What would you consider a serious offer? 


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Hi ! How much would  you like to sell it for ? Thank you 

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Hello, do you still have the book, how can I contacto you in private? 

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Writing to inquire if the book is still available, if so, what are you asking for it?


Thank you.