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Cold Fermentation Questions

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Cold Fermentation Questions

Hey Guys!

Question on cold fermentation process that others are using.

Right now, I have three different strategies for when I cold ferment-

I don't use preferments for cold fermentation, only autolyse flour and water for 20-30M

Teglia/Sicilian/Bread (cold ferment whole wheat loaves once in a while)

71% HL, 1.78% Salt, 0.16% Yeast - use 11.7% APF, or 12.7% BF depending on mood, will throw in 5-10% of durum, spelt, or whatever else I have


Same as above but lower HL to around 65%, use 11.7% APF, was never a real fan of Caputo Tipo 00, just acquired some Mulino Marino Tipo 00 so I'll be trying that


I will usually hand mix for 15, 3 stretch and folds every 15 min, sit for 1 hour at room temp, then into the fridge. Neopolitan I usually only go 24 hours, teglia and sicilian I will stretch to 48 and rarely 72.


When I take out of fridge, dough temp is around 40F with some bubbles. 


My question is - how long do people let their dough sit out for before they shape and bake? I see a lot of things online that say let come to room temperature for 1 to 2 hours. My dough usually takes 4-5hrs to come close to room temp in a 70F room. I usually let my dough sit in the same tub it was cold fermenting in (maybe that is my error) for 2 to 3 hours, let sit proof in the pan (for sicilian), ball up (for teglia/Neo) or shape (bread) for an hour and then bake. Even lately, I have been letting dough sit out 5+ hours before I even shape (attached I let the dough sit out 6 hours, shaped for 1 and put in oven)


I just wanted to see what others are doing and if I am letting my dough overferment out of the fridge too much (judging by my crumb attached).

On a totally separate note, I just received some Tipo 00, Tipo 0, Burratto and Pandisempre flour from Mulino Marino - super excited - has anyone used before?

Sorry for the rant - Hope everyone is statying safe and healthy! @pizzacalcio

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Baker Frank

0 min to 20 min.