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Ways to use blue cornmeal........

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Ways to use blue cornmeal........

I was intrigued by a bread recipe from Beth Hensperger that uses a porridge made from blue cornmeal, orange winter squash puree and a little bit of whole rye flour and whole wheat flour (+ bread flour), sweetened with molasses or honey.  BUT it uses all of 1/2 cup of blue cornmeal for two 9 x 5 inch loaves.  As an impulse buy I bought 5 pounds of blue cornmeal off amazon and its just sitting there looking at me. 

I would love to hear of recipes that showcase blue any sphere of cooking, and certainly in yeasted breads!  

If you have blue cornmeal recipes that you love I would be so grateful if you share...Any comments about blue cornmeal also very, vary, welcome.


I also have a pack of blue corn grits...


Thank you sooooo much!!

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What is the granulation of your cornmeal?  Is it flour, or something coarser?

Look for The Blue Corn Cookbook by Celine-Marie Pascale.

 Something you can do with the grits is cook the porridge, let cool and solidify, cut into pieces, and disburse the pieces into a bread dough.  The sliced bread will have blue sections.

 Of course, the obvious answer is cornbread.


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Charbono: Thank you so much for recommending that book.  I found it used on Amazon and ordered it.  Might be able to do something tasty and new for Thanksgiving. Folding stiff bits of blue polenta into bread sounds amazing! 


The blue cornmeal I have seems to be on the finer side of medium grind but not like a flour and also somewhat irregular in the particle size.  It looks pretty!