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Oat porridge bread

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Oat porridge bread

Followed Maurizo's recipe. Had thick rolled oats, so I decided to soak the oats overnight with all the salt and then cook them a bit. Then I wouldn't need to mix in salt and then porridge since I finding mixing things in later annoying. However, its probably better not to do that since it's harder to mix in the porridge evenly, so then the salt probably wasn't evenly distributed. I also threw in 100g of walnuts because I like nutty loaves. Tried coil folding towards the end to be more gentle. It's hard with such big loaves. Once the dough tore completely apart from its own weight.

It's been awhile since I've done such large loaves. I had a hard time transferring them to the banneton. Happy with the crumb. The oats really add a nice texture.

Also tried fougasse. Turned out nice and crunchy. Could have added more herbs. Taste was plain to me, so I might add more whole grain or mix in some cheese and nuts if I try again.

Just some notes about previous pizza attempts

Baking steel really makes a nice crispy crust. Don't overload with toppings!

King arthur sourdough- very easy

Kenji's bar pizza- pretty crispy, tasty as well.


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The crumb looks very very nice, great baking!


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Thanks! This crumb was nice to see after doing a lot of baking with 100% whole wheat.