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Oven info in USA

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Oven info in USA

Hi there. I have a micro bakery that is growing and I want to purchase a new oven. All I’ve seen people using is the Rofco B40, they are back ordered until July 2021 on the Pleasant Grain Hill site. I’m wondering if anyone has any other suggestions or knows of something similar to the Rofco. I’m a prettt new baker and don’t really know my options. 
I’m in California. 


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Every city of a certain size will have restaurant equipment supply stores that sell used restaurant equipment.

Restaurants have an -average- life expectancy of 2 years. So there has always been a large used market.

Unfortunately, Covid has led to the closing of even more restaurants.  But... that also means there is likely a glut of used equipment on the market.

So... shop around.  And check out ebay to find what the current prices should be, so you can negotiate intelligently.  

Good luck on your project.


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The Roadside Pi...

The deck oven on the left looks sexy! I think I am in love (0:37)

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Sid Post

I'm glad to hear your little "micro-bakery" is doing so well in this tough economic climate!  

Best wishes for continued success!  As mentioned above, I'd personally look for gently used options considering how many food industry businesses have failed or closed due to Covid slowdowns and lockdowns.

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