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My oven's giving me trouble..will shut down during bakes!

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My oven's giving me trouble..will shut down during bakes!

I have a Sauter 950XI 

It's been a nightmare to use. when I bake bread I preheat my oven to 250c and the damn thing, if it's running too long (with 2 baking stones in it that retain heat) it shuts down. I get that. But it also shuts down when I have it on 240c and I introduce steam in my bakes.

I need a new, and tested oven that can take the heat..

I thought on going with Pyrolytic so it could for sure take the abuse or to open mine and add insulation because I think the steam is actually interfering with the electronics as it's all touch panel.

It ruined my baguettes today with 10!! times turning off in the initial bake (240c)

So sad for my baguettes. :(

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1. do you have the fan on or off during the steaming portion?

2. how do you add steam, how much water, and is it boiling water, or cold/room-temp water?

3. are your baking stones round, or rectangular?  If rectangular, how much clearance is there between the stones and the oven walls (all around) ?

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The error code indicated that it was potentially one of three things:

  • An "overheated" oven that was read as exceeding the max temp of 590dF in my oven.
  • A bad oven temperature sensor
  • A burned out portion of the electronic control panel

As of a test the morning, mine was the first, although the oven never approached 590dF as far as I can tell.  I toggled off and then on to the breaker.  Whatever was wrong seems to have reset.

It could be one of the other two with your oven, and it might be worth getting a repair person in to evaluate it.  It may well not be worth trowing the baby out with the bathwater type of problem.  If there is a help line that might be able to diagnose the problem over the phone or by chat, that would be a first avenue to try.

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It has a bad design where steam can enter the electronic compartment and gather until it shorts out. I removed the top cover and the problem poofed away. It reached almost 550F without any problem. I've been testing it for 10 Hours and the damn thing keeps working. the moment I closed the lid the problem knocked right back in. Now I do use moderate to high volume of steam and that's what causing the majority of the problem but I've also seen it shut down when only running empty for some time. 

I'm not sure what to do, maybe adding a fan on top (Like Alex the French guy did :D) or to leave it open, though a bit afraid of condensation creeping in (though it must have been worse with the cover on anyway) or to live with it as a cripple piece of gear and buy my baguettes locally (not a chance haha)