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-Deal- ! $1: Sourdough School by Vanessa Kimbell.

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-Deal- ! $1: Sourdough School by Vanessa Kimbell.

As of Oct 19, 2020. This will only last a few days at most. Maybe only a day.

The Sourdough School, by Vanessa Kimbell, US $.99 in Kindle format.

This is such a deal, I gave it its own post. My regular Kindle discount notices are in comments at:

I think this is a GREAT deal for a book of this high quality. Detailed, informative, lots of good photos. Focuses on the details of starters as well as the bread formulas.

This $.99 price only comes around once a year.


Germany, € .99:

UK, £ .99:

Sorry, it's not on sale on (Canada).

For $.99, you can't go wrong.  Even if you have the hardcover edition, it's worth $.99 for an electronic back-up.

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Thanks! Just picked it up (figuratively!)