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$25 dutch oven from Amazon (Prime Day special)

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$25 dutch oven from Amazon (Prime Day special)

Amazon Basic dutch oven is on sale for $24.89.  Only the 4.3 qt in Blue.

seems like a great deal.

It does however, say oven safe to 400F... i wonder if that's being safe on their side.  enamel cast iron typically can handle much higher than that.  it's usually the button lid handle that cant. 

Still may be worthwhile for $25.

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Good idea.  Thanks for the heads-up.

Btw, it would be nice for the webmaster, if we attach his code to any Amazon links so he can make a referral fee to help pay for the web site.

Just delete the junk after the ASIN and put ?tag=froglallabout-20

Make sure there is only one "?" in the url, immediately after the 10 character ASIN.

The rest of what comes after the Asin is mainly tracking identifiers, and can safely be deleted.

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Many reviews say how the coating chips and bubbles after the first use. You get what you pay for. The glowing reviews had received it for free.

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1. I've seen decently priced enameled cast-iron Dutch ovens at Aldi's. I bought a Crofton brand 1.75 qt enameled cast iron "sauce pan" with enameled cast-iron lid that I've used for bread.  I am satisfied with the quality. It held up to at least 430 F.  

2. Walmart attempts to parallel-track Amazon prices. If Amazon is out of something you want, check

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I have one of these Amazon dutch ovens and have been using it for about a year with temperatures up to F550 with no problems.