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20201005 Matcha ice cream with Azuki red beans

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20201005 Matcha ice cream with Azuki red beans

This post has nothing to do with bread, but I thought Benny might like it. 





Super easy to make:


Ice cream

100% whipping cream 

41% condensed milk 

9% high-quality matcha powder

blend in Vitamix

freeze until firm/semi-firm


Azuki red beans

100% H2O

50% dry Azuki red beans

20% sugar

10% honey

Instant Pot high-pressure x 100 minutes

natural release


I didn't mix the red beans in the cream to preserve the ice cream's green color. 




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Yummmmm that’s one of my favourite flavour combinations Yippee.  How did you know?


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then you are not human.  It was a classic combination for Victorian and and Craftsman Architecture and then went out of favor but these homes are now being revitalized and restored and it is a classic color combination for sure.  Green tea and red bean tastes matching up is another story:-)  Visually they are grand though.

Nice post Yippee!