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Getting ready for World Bread Day

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Getting ready for World Bread Day

Doing a dry run for the upcoming World Bread Day 2020 in a couple of weeks.  This is a SD bread I shouldn't eat since it a 100% white bread with just 15 g of NMNF starter, but it does show that Focaccia is one bread where your artistic side can make you feel at least a bit Bohemian.

This recipe is our standard go to pizza dough as well. A 123 recipe where the dough development begins with one set of 150 slap and folds and 4 sets of slap and folds on 30 minute intervals.

We then added a paste made in the mortar and pestle of EVOO,  2 cloves of minced garlic, fresh herbs  Thai basil, rosemary and oregano incorporating them by spreading the paste the exposed sides of the 3rd set of stretch and folds.

We let it sit in the counter for an hour before we put it in the fridge overnight for a total of 16 hours so it could finish proofing.  After taking it out of the fridge, we let it sit in the counter to warm up for 2 hours before spreading it out on a sprayed jelly roll pan. 

The fun part was decorating the top to look like some weird abstract flowers made with roma tomatoes, Lemonm slices, scallions, asparagus, dried black olives, red bell pepper, Thai Basil flowers and leaves and crimini mushrooms. 

After proofing for an hour it went into the oven fat 425 F with Mega Steam for 8 minutes and then 8 minutes with the steam removed and switched to convection.  Lucy reminds us to have a great salad every day....

Happy baking Fresh Lofians!


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Your focaccia is the bread version of your salad, very pretty and a great way to celebrate World Bread Day.

Stay well


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The bread might cheer folks up from what ever ails them.  Glad you like it and happy baking

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It's a piece of edible art, DAB! 

Hope all is well.


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I am sick that my two favorite wine regions, Napa and Sonoma in your back yard, are on fire again like 2017 only worse.  So sad.  This edible focaccia art was inspired by one of my Abstract Millennial Series Paintings in 2000 called Trees which is...... omg 20 years old now.  Who knew it would hel[ inspire a bread 20 years later:-)

Happy baking Yippee!

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Max, Lexi and Frankie (who's going by rumors from Max and Lexi) were astonished at the creativity of Lucy.  We know it had to be her idea to create this masterpiece :).

This must have tasted fantastic and even though it's not good for you, I'm sure a little piece or too won't hurt too much.

Happy Baking.

Ian and the East Coast Pack

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You like black dogs but the Frankie is a big furry one for a change!  Glad he likes the beach like Lexi and Max.

Take \care of the black on ones and happy baking

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People have been SD bread baking up a storm of late.  Lots of new posters!

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As usual - Outstanding. You may, however, scooted a little past Bohemian and ventured into Fauve.

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ago and may have quietly slipped into all out Retired Psychotic Destructosis ..... oh so long ago.  Fauvism wouldn't account for the usual color usage for the green stems on yellow and red flowers .....even if they are asparagus, tomatoes and lemons:-) 

Happy you like it no matter how far away from normal Lucy gets:-)

Happy baking.

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Beautiful pizza! So artful!

I finally know ahead of time when World Bread Day is going to be and turns out I will be on the road for a week. Bummer! Bake a beauty for me!

Best wishes to you and your assistant!


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pizza too - just add some sauce, meats and cheeses and there you go,  Sad you can't do the World Bread Day Bake.

Glad you like the food art Clazar!

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Are lemon (and orange, and lime) rinds edible after baking?  

(Sincere question, as I don't know.)

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are delightfully delicious.  Pits of olives aren't too good and tough on the teeth plus Ian hates olives as does my wife.  Just shows you that everyone has a fault or two.