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First bread bake with my new oven

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First bread bake with my new oven

At the end of July I finally gave in to temptation and ordered a new oven.  I settled on a 13 Function Bosch (not sure if I will ever use all of them!) and finally a week ago it was installed.

For this bake I just played around with some seeds - didn't want a heavy loaf so it was

Bread flour 80%, Wholewheat flour 15%, rye flour 5%, 80% hydration and salt at 2%.  I adjusted the flour to include 0.05% diastatic malt.  To this I added

Chia seed 4%, sesame seed 5%, flaxseed 5% sunflower seed 5% and pumpkin seed 5%. 


7 am: added hot water to the non ground, non toasted seed mix and left.  This was initially 60 g water and 86 g seed mix.  I felt it was a bit dry so added another 15 g water.

9:30 autolyse flours, remaining water and the seed mix for approx 30 minutes. I added extra 24 g water as well as dough felt quite firm. 

10 am Added the 100% hydration levain mixed evening before (9 g starter + 35 g flour + 9 g rye flour +43 g water) and mixed in with 100 slap and folds.  Added salt (7.2 g) and did another 100 slap and folds.  The dough was left to bulk ferment with 4 sets of coil folds every 30 minutes.  

14:45 preshaped dough

15:20 final shaping and left on bench until 5 pm when I refrigerated it until ready to bake. 

Preheated the oven & DO to 250 deg C on "Hot air".

18:15 loaded into oven and baked for 15 minutes, reducing heat to 245 deg C .  Baked another 15 minutes lid off..  Great caramelisation - so far so good, happy with the oven spring too.

Crumb shot

Really nutty and delicious and as hoped, the crumb was not too dense, yum!

I also made 2 other breads at the same time, following same basic methodology.

The 2nd bread was just 1:2:3 with 5% kibbled wheat, 5% kibbled rye & 5% rolled oats.  The soaker in this case was the same weight as the grains.

Crumb shot

Really enjoying this loaf.  I haven't used kibbled wheat or rye for a long time and because I probably didn't soak for long enough to soften grain properly, there is a slight crunch and flavour is lovely and mild, slightly sweet!

The last bread I made (although it was the first baked and is a little paler than the other two as I was feeling my way with the bake temperature) was another 1:2:3 with no seeds  but 8% rye and 3% potato flour. 

No crumb shot as this was a thank you for helping out with a chainsaw in the garden.  I offered him a choice of the 3 breads and he chose this one.  I am still to find out what the crumb was like and how it tasted.  It baked well and I was happy with it.

All in all, for a first bake in a new oven I am really really happy.  Crust is thin in all cases, and I achieved good caramelization (although I am sure the diastatic malt helped there too!).  Negative is that I could only bake one loaf at a time due to the shelf setup so oven ran for a bit longer than usual.  Will try out other options next bake. 

The flour I am using these days seems to develop enough gluten too so I am getting better shaped bread with good oven spring too.

Bake happy everyone 





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Leslie, those are beautiful bakes, you’ve taken to your new oven so well and already have it figured out, not an easy feat.  The crumb is so beautiful, they look so soft.  I especially like the seeded loaf.

Is kibbled grain the same a cracked grain, I haven’t heard that term used before?

Stay well.


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funny how different countries have different names for the same thing, it can be confusing.  I like grainy bread and I am enjoying this one.  thank you

Bake happy Benny


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Looks like you are off to a great start with your new oven...

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- it took me long enough to decide to go ahead with the purchase.  especially as the old one wasn’t broken, it just didn’t bake lots of things the way I expected, lol.  perhaps I will bake more again as I get more comfortable with the oven.

happy baking Danny


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These look excellent Leslie.  The crumb can't be much better that's for sure.  Always fun to experiment with a new oven.  Mine is around 21 years old so it's only a matter of time....(okay, why did I just jinx myself!)

Happy Baking!


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so the same applied. However a year ago I moved and while oven in this house was only 5 years old I struggled with baking all sorts of dishes.  I am amazed at how much better the new one is!  there are still tweaks to do but it will be fun to try out new things.

I am very happy with the crumb, this is probably my favourite type of crumb so now I just need to be more consistent! lol.

thanks Ian and happy baking


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The perfect every day bread.  You have hundreds of breads to come out if that new fantastic oven!

Happy baking Leslie!