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Kitchenaid kneading time

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Kitchenaid kneading time

I got a brand new Kitchenaid Artisan after giving away my old one, and I noticed that it seems much weaker than my previous one. But that's not what I came here to ask. When I contacted Kitchenaid about this, they informed me that they don't recommend kneading for more than 2 minutes as it's equivalent to 10-12 minutes of hand kneading.

Is anyone here using their Kitchenaid mixer for kneading, and if so, for how long do you knead? I'm fairly certain that 2 minutes of kneading in the mixer is insufficient for most recipes...

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I also have a KA "Artisan".  I've used the dough-hook and lowest speed the "knead" for up to 12 minutes as suggested in the recipe I am following.  As I recall the recipe called for same time whether kneading by hand or by machine.  All depends on the density of the dough.

Some other guidelines:

Mix bread-dough mostly on Speed 1, sometimes on Speed 2 in short bursts, never Speed 3 or higher.

Do not mix more than 4 cups of flour.  Even less flour for stiff dough (like bagel or pizza dough)

When mixing for long interval pause the mixing if motor-case seems too hot, or if gears seem to slip or stall.

On balance, KA Artisan has served me well for all bread recipes I've tried.

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and tend to mix does around 10 minutes. My bread recipe is about 800 grams flour at about 65% hydration. I find one thing that helps is let it mix about 2 minutes, then turn the machine off for up to 5 minutes before mixing another 8 or so minutes. I find without the rest period the mixer has to run longer. We have the 6 quart model I don’t know if the 5 quart model has the same power.

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My dough was autolyzed overnight before mixing.  It took only 2 minutes of mixing at speed 10 (my mixer is KA 600) to clear the bowl. Then I folded it twice during fermentation. The bread turned out fine. 



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2 min. is probably enough if you use high-gluten flour, which would be also suitable for no knead bread.

Obviously depends on the flour (I mix less when using high-gluten flour or fragile rye and whole wheat) and which bread I'm making (baguette or brioche), but for the average loaf I just knead on speed 1 until everything is just combined, then about 5 min. on speed 2. After that I check the windowpane and continue, if kneaded (get it?), for another 2-3 min. 

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After a 2 hour autolyse. I used to do 5 as I was afraid of over mixing but no issues with 10 or slightly more as I put in my add-ins at the end. I still do folds during bulk. 

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old baker

In several recipes that I've read, two minutes kneading with a mixer is equivalent to 10-12 minutes by hand.

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I'm careful not to overknead dough. I once did and the crust came out like concrete. Now I just wait for a cohesive dough ball to form in the mixer bowl — good enough.

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All ingredients go into the bowl, then a minute or so to allow the dry stuff to mix in, then 4 minutes on fairly high, 5 minutes rest, 5 minutes on fairly high - form and put into tin to rise. 

Crust never rock hard...

I like to work on the premise 'work smarter, not harder'. Don't ever hand knead. Have better things to do.


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That kitchenaid recommends only up to speed 2 for bread dough. Above that, you risk breaking your machine.