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100% home milled whole grain sourdough (first attempt)

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100% home milled whole grain sourdough (first attempt)

I try to keep my loaves around the 50% whole grain level for health reasons and decided I should just bite the bullet and go for 100% this time.


  • 350g home milled hard red winter wheat (Redeemer)
  • 75g home milled spelt
  • 85g starter at 100% hydration (my starter did contain some KABF so technically the loaf is more like 95% whole grain)
  • 360g water
  • 10g salt



  • Mill grain 
  • Sift out biggest pieces of bran and soak in hot water to reincorporate later (only got about 20g of bran since I don't have a real sifter) 
  • 2-stage levain build
  • 3 hour autolyse
  • Added starter and soaked bran to autolyse at 4:45pm followed by 5 min Rubaud method 
  • After 30 minutes add salt followed by 6 min Rubaud method 
  • After 15 minutes do 2 more min Rubaud method
  • fold on counter
  • laminate 30 min after fold
  • let dough rest for 1 hour
  • coil fold, wait 30 min, coil fold again (I had planned on 3x coil fold, but when I went to perform the 3rd I decided the dough was at risk of overproofing at the 3h 45min mark with room temp around 77)
  • Shape and proof in fridge for 7-8 hours
  • Bake in DO for 22 min at 500 and then with lid off for 21 min at 475 



idaveindy's picture

That loaf looks SUPERB ! 

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What a gorgeous loaf! I’ve yet to venture to a 100% loaf. Maybe one day. 

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I'm really happy with how this came out. I'm going to try and make a few more to learn and build my confidence.

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Wow Ilene, the crumb and oven spring are outstanding especially since it is 100% whole grain.  That is incredible, you must be so pleased.


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I buy grains from the organizers of the greenmarket system in NYC and their pricing system really rewards buying in bulk (roughly $5/lb for 1lb, $3.33/lb if you buy 3 lbs, or $1/lb if you buy 25 lbs). Of course this means that I buy 25lbs! I just ordered a 25lb sack of organic rye berries so I need to improve my 100% whole grain skills! 

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Well done! That's an impressive bake! Will give this a try in the winter!!


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 very nice whole grain loaf. It’s quite different than the half whole grain loaves, i find. Softer,  grassier ( in a good way). I use an all rye starter for my ww breads and find the spelt-rye combo especially pleasing. If you keep them ( the spelt +rye) at or below 25% of the grain, it handles pretty much like hard wheat. 

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I look forward to using rye in combination with spelt. Rye is definitely going to be a learning curve. I love using spelt. 

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who told me to use rye+spelt several years ago. And she was right. 

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Just picked up my Danko Rye yesterday so I'm trying a 40% rye, 30% wheat, and 30% spelt tin loaf today!